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the beginning of the innovation

Zurich Group

Zurich Group Spain is the most solvent insurance group in the country according to Moody’s ranking. Employing almost 2.000 people in Spain.


It has more than 2 and a half million customers, more than 4 million premiums and 85% of the companies on the IBEX (Madrid stock index for securities) are insured in Zurich.


Our innovation programme has focused on 5 fundamental areas to safeguard the security of our clients:

  • Zurich Auto Inteligente Insurance
  • Zurich Runner Insurance
  • Electrical car insurance
  • Deletion of digital fingerprints
  • Social Media Agent Programme.


Zurich Group is present in the entire territory of Spain with 1.350 agents, 2.656 brokers and more than 4.000 points of sale for partners.

At a global level, it is a leading insurance company attending to its clients in 170 countries and offering services to small, medium and large companies such as multinationals.