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Calculate your savings

With this energy calculator, you can find out what you will save by working in one of the blueBUILDING offices, enjoying all the advantages of energy efficiency.


blueBUILDING, in the process of obtaining "A" energy rating.

The most respectful with the environment, affecting not only sustainability but also the energy costs of an office.

Leed Platinum classification certificate.

In addition, the building is in the process of obtaining the Leed Platinum classification. An internationally acknowledged Certification for the promotion of environmentally friendly, economically viable and comfortable buildings to live and work in.

Obtaining this certification, a priority objective when beginning a new project, means meeting 80 points in a series of sustainability scales, such as location, efficient use of water, natural lighting or energy efficiency, among others.

This distinction endorses blueBUILDING as a sustainable state of the art building with high levels of wellbeing and comfort.

Key requirements to achieve Leed Platinum

  • Location:

    Well communicated

  • Efficient use of water:

    The building uses water as an air conditioning system.

  • Energy efficiency:

    In addition to A energy classification, the rehabilitation has focused on a double-skinned facade that makes better use of the air conditioning system.

  • Materials and resources:

    blueBUILDING has a cleaning and waste management room.

  • Natural lighting:

    More than 90% of workers will have access to outdoor views and natural sunlight.