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A climate control system that is unique in Spain

The pioneering and exclusive climate control system installed exclusively in blueBUILDING with Hybrid City Multi systems by Mitsubishi Electric.

A system that transports heat by both coolant and water, characterised by extremely high optimisation of energy usage according to the season, resulting in low energy consumption.

These savings in energy and money are enhanced by the heat or cold recovery technology throughout the year, enabling simultaneous usage of heating and cooling.

Its low noise level and the possibility of personalised adjustment offer ideal comfort that adapts perfectly to any requirements or needs and enables people to work in stable temperatures with moderate airflows.

Internationally acknowledged elevators

Schindler 6500 Port elevators, chosen for blueBUILDING, are internationally appreciated and acknowledged for their energy efficiency.

Se trata de 3 ascensores de 900 kg. de carga con capacidad para 12 personas y una velocidad de 2 m/s. Estos ascensores permiten la preselección de destino con reconocimiento de tarjetas de identificación. Este avance tecnológico permite seleccionar la planta de destino, mientras que el sistema dirige al ascensor más adecuado, agrupando a los viajeros en función de su destino. De esta forma se consigue un ahorro energético del 25% y mejora la movilidad en un 35% sobre un sistema tradicional.

In addition, the PORT technology significantly reduces energy consumption thanks to the exclusive use of the ECO module. Thisoption achieves 30% energy savings when the lifts are stationary in standby.

Customised display

The terminal is equipped with a screen and a highly sensitive microphone, as well as a highly customisable display according to the needs of the building.

Moreover, its touchscreen enhances communication between the user and the system. Access to the different areas of the building is also controlled with the user’s cards, thus contributing to the privacy and security of blueBUILDING.


The double-skin façade enables environmental and acoustic control, forming and highlighting the 3D checkerboard pattern.

De esta manera, se consigue transparencia, adoptándose en las cuatro fachadas una solución de muro cortina, con un trazado tridimensional en el que se combinan vidrio y chapa de acero inoxidable microperforado.

On the lower floors and the mezzanine the façade has been finished in stone with a latticework of metal strips resting on a brick foot.