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General description

Occupying a surface area of 9.208 m2 on 8 floors, blueBUILDING is the new market benchmark for offices in Madrid.

Located just a few metres away from Paseo de La Castellana avenue, it is outstanding for its impressive double skin façade that provides excellent natural light to the interior as well as its commitment to energy efficiency.

Thanks to the new project, made by the prestigious architect Rafael de la Hoz, the building has the best technical specifications and a hybrid climate control system which is a first in Spain. Its excellent distribution of floors, allows for great flexibility and space adaptability for all types of companies.

The new project

The blueBUILDING is a benchmark for innovation, sustainability and design in the financial core of the capital.

Zurich, owner of the building, commissioned the project to obtain a building that is up to modern standards, complying with regulations as well as the company’s requirements regarding efficiency and corporate image.

To achieve this, the prestigious architectural firm Rafael de la Hoz was chosen and they achieved an optimised space, ready for any type of company.


The double-skin façade enables environmental and acoustic control, forming and highlighting the 3D checkerboard pattern.

Transparency is thus achieved, adopting a curtain wall solution on the four facades, with a three-dimensional layout combining glass and micro perforated stainless steel sheet.

On the lower floors and the mezzanine the façade has been finished in stone with a latticework of metal strips resting on a brick foot.

Climate control system

It has a hybrid climate control system that is a first in Spain, using water and gas as transmission fluids. The use of water allows for optimum comfort and a more natural sensation for the user of the building. While the gas helps to optimise heating and cooling as well as efficiency and sustainability.

Moreover, it allows the free configuration of climate control system for each work post.


One of the principal characteristics of blueBUILDING is its high modularity.

Enabling offices from 300 to 1.200 m2 to be installed, thus adapting to the needs of all types of companies, from small to large international corporations.